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Let's Go to Fairs!

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        As Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the fair. County fairs are much more than rides and entertainment, they provide an opportunity to showcase Alabama agriculture. Many of you missed attending fairs in 2020 due to Covid-19, but we will all appreciate this fall season a little more as we resume the tradition of attending our local fair.

        Since the 1850’s fairs have been held across our state to encourage young people as they participate in livestock competitions, showcase local gardeners’ handiwork, and support the artistic talents of citizens by displaying their artwork.  Even in our fast-paced world, the fair experience has not lost the tradition of celebrating agriculture.
        We are blessed to live in a state that has an abundance of natural resources. Our farmers continue to work hard every day to increase productivity by embracing technology and innovations. Over the last 70 years, U.S. farms nearly tripled their production while using roughly the same amount of land, energy and fertilizer. In fact, Alabama cotton farmers produce 160,000 more bales on 1/3 of the acres and peanut farmers grow twice as many peanuts on 1/2 the acres compared to 1950. Farmers are efficient, dedicated stewards of the land and committed to feeding the world. The fair is a perfect venue to honor farmers for their contribution to our food supply and rural communities.
        I hope you take the opportunity while at the fair to visit the exhibits and learn about livestock, local foods, and those who produce them. The employees of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries send best wishes to those who play a part in making our county fairs successful each year. We appreciate your continued support for Alabama farmers, foresters, and agribusinesses!


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Alabama AG Commissioner

2024 Fair Convention Sponsors:














            To encourage, by mutual helpfulness, the growth and usefulness of all Alabama Fairs- State, District or County, that may now or in the future become affiliated with this Association; to encourage the dissemination of knowledge in all economic lines by featuring Agricultural Production, Livestock raising, Poultry breeding and Mechanic Arts; to work in unison with all agencies – Federal, State or Municipalities – to the end that the Fairs may become the ”Show Windows” of production by improved methods, and to encourage the furnishing by the fairs of Alabama to their patrons – clean and wholesome amusements.

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